Chloe: My movie star moment

Posted on Tuesday 17th May, 2016

Hi my name is Chloe and I am 9 years old and apparently the shortest and smallest in the company of the London Children’s Ballet.☺

Here at the photo shoot I feel like a professional dancer. One of the mums said to me with a grin "so this is what it is like to be a model". Whilst I was waiting for my turn I was putting on lip balm and suddenly when I looked up the filmer was taking a video of me! He told me to do an explanation of my maid's outfit; it was really fun trying to guess all the bits and laughing a lot.

I felt like a princess walking down the steps with a professional filmmaker filming me; we both had a laugh. I gathered my emerald green skirt with deep black velvet streaks running across the dress.

Lucille created splendid poses that stood out and formed excellent shapes, Sabina made the most exquisite jumps and frames and Zoe made the technique an art. It was my turn on for the photos: the first photos were of me and Nyeleti (we were maids) holding soft silk dusters, there after I stood on a wood block and whispered to Nyeleti an exciting secret in the next photo.

A few weeks later my mum looked at her phone and squealed and came into the room where I was and she had a suspicious grin, I asked her "is anything wrong mum." Suddenly she showed me her phone and I shrieked I was on a leaflet, a London Children’s Ballet leaflet!!!!

I will keep writing awesome blogs keep checking bye!


Chloe Nataf-Pesonen at the photoshoot for Little Lord Fauntleroy 2016

Photo by Johan Persson

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