Raphaela: One week and counting

Raphaela: One week and counting

Posted on Thursday 17th April, 2014

I cannot believe that it is exactly a week until the premiere night of our LCB shows! I am so excited now, as everybody is working so hard to get perfection and we're all looking forward to dancing on stage. Today, Thursday 17th Abril 2014, we had our ballet teachers as guests to watch our full run of Nanny McPhee! It was great to have a small audience watching our ballet. Érico seemed very happy with us although he says we all still need to improve a lot in ourselves: to look up, always be in our character, etc. But I'm sure everything will be amazing by the premiere night!

Corps de Ballet


Sixty children were chosen from over 500 young hopefuls to be part of the LCB’s 2014 season. Now they are working together, week in, week out, to create a stunning West End production of Nanny McPhee. In their own words, LCB’s young dancers share the highs and lows of this exciting, life-changing experience.

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