Cara: New friends and nicknames

Posted on Tuesday 9th December, 2014

I wasn’t expecting to get in but I was sort of secretly hoping. It was thrilling when I found out. I met someone on the underground train on the way there to the first audition, and she was recalled like me, and then she was at the final recall, and I was really hoping she’d get in too. When I saw her face at the casting I was so happy because I felt like I already knew her. The other girls who got in were all really friendly and after only one time together we’ve all got nicknames for each other.

I brought along some colouring so that we could do some stuff together and chat at the same time. In the studio we’re not allowed to chat because otherwise the choreographer won’t be able to think, but in the room next door we could talk. Quite a lot of people brought books because we were told we would have to wait a bit but not many actually read them. They said to bring along a notepad so that we can note down where we were standing and what scene it was. We’re going to get a t’shirt - I hope it’s not yellow.

I can’t wait until after Christmas because then we’ll start rehearsing and I’ll get to know people better. I’m really excited to soon hear what part I’ve got.

Cara McCabe, age 9

Corps de Ballet


Sixty children were chosen from over 500 young hopefuls to be part of the LCB’s 2014 season. Now they are working together, week in, week out, to create a stunning West End production of Nanny McPhee. In their own words, LCB’s young dancers share the highs and lows of this exciting, life-changing experience.