The Canterville Ghost


Choreographer: David Fielding

Composer: Artem Vassiliev

Original Scenario: Lucille Briance

Costume Design: Kate Ford

Set Design: Andrea Harper

Lighting Design: Philip Gladwell

Sir Simon Canterville haunts the house of his ancestors. The curse can only be broken when a young girl befriends him, setting him free to go to heaven.  But the ghost is too frightening for anyone to make friends with him, so the ghost gives up and enjoys terrifying the living daylights out of generations of the Canterville family.  That is until an American family buys the house and the kind and sweet daughter, Virginia, agrees to accompany him into his ghost world. On her return she tells his story and sets him free. They bury his bones and the Canterville Ghost is happy and free at last.

Images from The Canterville Ghost