Amari: Dealing with negativity

Posted on Tuesday 17th May, 2016

I started ballet when I was 4. I heard about LCB when a good friend Maddie was in Ballet Shoes 6 years ago. I was very excited for my first audition. Unfortunately I didn’t get in, but LCB invited me to join their boys only classes. LCB’s ballet for boys was great because I was around boys who actually like ballet, instead of boys who think it’s for girls. I have to be strong physically to have great elevation in my jumps and also so I can lift the girls, but people at school don’t always think about things like that. I think I need to be strong mentally to deal with negativity, as some people don’t think ballet is for everybody. I wouldn’t say that I’m from a typical ballet family – I’m the only one who does ballet – but my family is very loving and supportive and I love them very much.

I auditioned for LCB three times, then at last this year I got into the Company! It felt absolutely amazing to know that I could be in a professional ballet show. Being in LCB has helped me get more confident in myself. I think it’s so important that LCB is free for all of us dancers who take part as not everyone is rich enough to put themselves out there, and having no fee ensures that possibility.

People who support LCB are amazing, because they are thinking about all the young dancers out there like me who aspire to be something great. Thank you!


Photo by Bill Cooper