Ciara: Determination wins the day!

Posted on Sunday 24th April, 2016

Hi, my name is Ciara and I’m 14 years old. I auditioned for LCB five times, and at last this year I made it! The first four times I was given a place as part of the LCB2 touring company, which performs to people in special needs schools and care homes for the elderly. These people don’t have the opportunity or aren’t strong enough to come to the theatre to experience the awe of a ballet production, so it was really good to bring our ballet, our costumes and music to them.

On tour I changed not just as a dancer but as an entire person, because you suddenly recognise what more ballet can do than just be watched – it can be experienced with all your senses, and it can give people a feeling of freedom, away from their everyday life.

When I got the email saying I’d got into LCB this year, I was firstly amazed that someone like me was able to get into such a company. I’m Type 1 diabetic and it can affect how I feel and how I dance. But at Casting Day I couldn’t help but smile and dance at my best.

One of the things that makes LCB really special is that there is no cost – it is free for all dancers, so people from all different backgrounds can take part. . LCB is also different and special because it will accept dancers based on talent and passion for dance; not on your size or shape. And all the people are incredibly kind, making LCB so fun, professional and life-changing.


Ciara Donovan-Hill, Little Lord Fauntleroy 2016

Photo by Bill Cooper