Choreographer: Morgann Runacre-Temple

Composer: Piers Tattersall

Original Scenario: Lucille Briance

Costume Design: Johanna Elf

Set Design: Lorna Ritchie

Lighting Design: Emma Chapman

Rumpelstiltskin, a young ragamuffin taunted by children and adults like, hides away in his secret home in the forest.  With no one but his granny for company, he befriends spiders and moths who teach him how to spin gold. The local town hosts an annual talent contest, and a proud and foolish Milliner boasts that his daughter can spin hay into gold. The King, who presides over the talent contest, is filled with greed. He takes the Daughter captive and gives her one night to spin hay into gold or else she will die. As she despairs, Rumpelstiltskin suddenly appears and offers to spin gold in exchange for the Daughter’s necklace. The next morning, the King is maddened with delight and greed and demands more gold. Again, the Daughter needs help but this time she has nothing more to offer Rumpelstiltskin in exchange. With sadness she promises that she will give him her first born child if only he will help her. In the morning the King, astounded by the piles of gold, marries the Daughter and soon after they have a baby.  Rumpelstiltskin returns to claim his reward, but when the Daughter begs him not to take the baby he gives her one last chance…  

Images from Rumpelstiltskin