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Joeley: Learning the life of a dancer

Posted on Monday 10th March, 2014
My name is Joeley Gibson and I am 12 years old (nearly 13!) This is my third year with LCB and I absolutely love it. I am playing the role of one of the Brown children (the extremely naughty kids). Every year gets more exciting than the last. When I first did LCB, dancing with people who were older than me was really inspiring. I never found them scary or intimidating because everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Now that I’m 12 it’s really sweet helping the younger kids.Erico (the choreograph…

Annabelle: The anxious audition

Posted on Monday 10th March, 2014
Hi – it’s Annabelle (aka Nanny McPhee!!) Here’s a little background info into the auditioning process for anyone wanting to give it a go (you should!!).  As Mum is my walking diary (she told me to write that!) she said the LCB auditions were coming up, and as this is my last year for LCB – I’m 14 now – I really wanted to give it a go.  This would be my third time of auditioning (Snow White and A Little Princess before), so I had an idea of what was to come! Even so,  I have to say, on the day I …

Mukeni: My first blog

Posted on Monday 17th February, 2014
This is my first LCB production and in this blog I'm going to be telling you all my most fun and interesting rehearsals yet. Probably the most fun and interesting was the first full run through on the 2nd of March. It was so exciting to see the whole production being put together because before you only got to see the rehearsal you were in, but during this rehearsal you got to see what everyone else was doing plus the parents were watching so it was like a mini performance which was also really …

Mukeni: Overcoming the Odds

Posted on Monday 3rd February, 2014
Mukeni's story, written by his father Martin... "On the 16th March 1998 at less than a day old, a baby boy was left abandoned in a park in Thika, a small town in Kenya. Luckily, two passing ladies heard him crying and immediately took him to the local police station, where he was transferred to Thika Hospital. His chances of survival were thought so low that for six months this baby received only minimal medical care and attention. But he was determined to live. The lack of care did however aff…

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